Core to the Autograph fan experience is getting offers and rewards that allow you to put your Coins to use on experiences, merchandise, and memorabilia.

There are a few things to keep in mind when looking at offers in the offers tab:

  • Drops Soon

    • If you see an offer in this state, it means it hasn’t dropped yet. You’ll see the timing outlined in the description as well as a countdown in the bottom right indicating how much time till the offer drops

  • Unlock

    • Once an offer is live, you’ll be able to hit the unlock button. Some offers are free to unlock, whereas other offers will indicate a specific Coin amount needed to unlock that offer. This will deduct from your Coin Balance when unlocked, but will not affect your Coins Earned on the leaderboard or levels.

  • Decline

    • If you aren’t interested in the offer, please feel free to decline it to remove it from your Rewards page

  • Raffle

    • One type of offer we commonly drop is a raffle-style offer, commonly used for exclusive, limited drops at steep, steep discounts.

    • For these type of offers, there will be a limited raffle unlock period, typically 15 mins, where you’ll be able to join the raffle.

    • You’ll see a confirmation after unlock, an unlock number (which is your raffle ticket number), and an expected time of when you can return to the offer and see the results.

    • We’re constantly looking to improve the user experience here so let us know if you have any feedback. Good luck!

  • Purchase Offers

    • These offers give you the opportunity to purchase an item after unlocking the offer.

    • After unlocking you’ll see a button that takes you to an external webpage to complete the checkout / redemption.

  • Refer-a-Friend

    • For these type of offers, all you need to do is refer a friend within the eligibility window specified in the offer description.

    • When the offer drops, you’ll be able to unlock the offer to participate.

  • Other Eligibility

    • Occasionally you’ll notice other eligibility criteria such as fandom level or X fandom acts that we use to reward specific levels of fans. e.g., 10 Article Reads to be eligible.

We want to make sure that the top fans get access to better opportunities and rewards, so make sure you keep climbing the ranks.

Got any other questions or feedback? Reach out to us at support@ag.fan.

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