Kudos exist in our ecosystem to allow fans to express their fandom and love towards the community content creators as well as to other users.

You can designate an emoji in the profile on your FAN Coins that will display when you send love using Kudos.

There are 2 ways to send Kudos:

To Content Creators:

On all content in the feed – articles, podcasts, videos, tweets – you'll notice a heart symbol in the bottom left corner. To send Kudos, simply tap this icon and voila, the Kudos on that post will be updated to reflect the how much you love the content. You can send multiple Kudos at a time with no cap.

To Other Users:

On all user-submitted Fanzone content, you’ll also notice the heart symbol present itself. Same thing here - tap the heart to send over Kudos.

Again, you can send multiple Kudos at a time with no cap simply by repeatedly pressing the heart button.

On Notable Plays:

On supported sports / leagues that have play-by-play data feeds, you can tap into game scores and send Kudos to plays that were especially noteworthy and memorable and see what your fellow fans liked too.

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