We pride ourselves on creating a one-stop shop for content for the teams and topics you’re most passionate about.

In the main explore feed, you’ll find a variety of content types that you can get up to speed with AND earn Coins for doing so.

Blog Articles

We do our best to find the top local reporters who know the ins and outs of the team / topic you're passionate about.

On each article, you’ll get 15 FAN Coins per read, and there may be some trophies for you to unlock too.

Our browser includes a reader mode which simplifies the webpage to make it an easier reading experience for you.

You can also share articles with fellow fans.

Swipe left and right on articles to quickly move onto the next item in the feed.


The hosts with the most! You’ll find all the top podcasts for each team / topic on the main feed, as well as in the separate Podcasts feed.

For each podcast, you’ll get 30 FAN Coins per listen, and trophies galore to unlock.

Our podcast player has a ton of features you’d expect in your usual podcast player:

  • Background listening

  • Podcast speed adjustments (1x, 1.25x, 1.5x, 1.75x, 2x)

  • Skipping forward and backwards and scrubbing

  • Remember playback position

X / Twitter

We know you get a lot of game-time updates from X / Twitter accounts you follow so that’s why we pipe in official feeds for each team / topic into the app.

For each Tweet you read, you’ll get 15 FAN Coins - these count as article reads.


You’ll also notice video content from YouTube in our feed with the official feeds for each team / topic into the app.

For each video you watch, you’ll get 30 FAN Coins (hint hint, trophies are available here too).

Feed Customization

Want to hide a community from your feed? We pride ourselves on finding the best feeds for you to consume but everyone has their preferences. You’re able to hide content that you don’t want to see anymore by going to the "Communities" page in the Explore / Feed tab and clicking the three dots to hide a community.

As with all content in the app, feel free to drop some of these creators some Kudos if you’d like to show your love and appreciation.

Each Kudos deducts 1 Coin from your Coin Balance.

We’re constantly exploring new communities to add. Have a suggestion? Let us know at support@ag.fan.

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