Creator Coins

We’re all about rewards here at Autograph, and for you content partners, it’s no different. As a content provider in the app, you can earn coins as well as use them on a growing list of rewards yourself.

How to Earn

There are several ways to earn coins as a Content Creator - the Baseline Pool, the Consumption Pool, Referral Coins and Kudos.

Baseline Pool

Certain creators who provide their content to us in the app will be distributed a weekly allocation of coins equivalent to the User Coin Rate for that given week, calculated by the average content coins accrued per user:

User Coin Rate = Total Content Coins Earned / Total Coin Earning Users)

This means that the more the average user earns in the Autograph app from content, the more you as a content provider get.

Consumption Pool

More engagement = more coins. The creators whose content generates more reads / listens / watches will get more coins, calculated similary on a weekly cadence. The formula we use to calculate this is:

% Content Coin Share x User Coin Rate ^ Amplification Rate

  • % Content Coin Share: defined as the % of coins a creator generates from their content (read, listen, watch) in a given week across the app

  • User Coin Rate: average content coins accrued per user across the app

  • Amplification Rate: a fluctuating custom rate we use to increase the size of the consumption pool to reward creators more significantly as they contribute more, which allows us to create a system where the rewards grow more than linearly

Referral Coins

  • Used to reward creators that are referring users to the app using their defined referral code

  • Each creator receives 5 coins per referral which is also distributed weekly

  • This is notably lower than users given there are other core ways for creators to earn coins

How to Use

Creators can use coins in a similar way to users, namely:

We are actively exploring ways for creators to use their coins towards creator-specific opportunities. More to come!

Coins are non-transferable, have no monetary value, and cannot be purchased, sold or redeemed for cash. Autograph reserves the right to make adjustments to the above. For additional terms, refer to the Terms of Use.

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